Monday, July 28, 2008

The book


There will will be a limited edition first pressing of Paper Kingdom printed by Indigo Ink available at the opening on August 10th.

Paper Kingdom is available for online purchase too! If you didn't get to pre-order one, or won't be able to at the opening, you can order one through! If you order from Lulu, it will be directly shipped to your door!

Preview /buy here:

For artists who would like to buy a book from Lulu, contact me directly for the discounted artist price (plus shipping). This special artist price will be available until August 15th! After that, you can buy one directly from lulu, for the designated customer price!

For those who would like to buy a book online from Lulu, the price is 40.00.

Limited edition first pressing at opening:

Artist price: 38.00 (print cost)
Customer price: 45.00

Hope to see you at the Creative Alliance on August 10th!

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